On Personal Growth and Business Development

You Have a Million Dollar Business Idea You Never Knew About


This morning I said to myself "I am launching a new project through a crowdfunding website like Kickstarter. It will change the way people do things.” You may wonder what kind of project? Read further to get the details. Some people come up with … [Click to read more]

One Simple Way to Double Your Money

Double your money

  Here is a little trick you can use to work out the number of years it will take to double your money. It is called the “Rule of 72” and used by investors to get a rough estimate of how many years it will take for the investment to double … [Click to read more]

The Complete Social Media Sizing Chart

The Complete Social Media Sizing Sheet (2)

With all the recent changes to social networks with Facebook covers, Twitter header images and YouTube branded channels, people have had to redesign their images and rethink of how they represent themselves visually online. You no longer have to … [Click to read more]

The Most Mysterious Place on Earth

Do you remember the story about an amateur archaeologist who found possible pyramids using Google Earth? Well I have something no less interesting for you. Have a look at the following screenshots from Google Maps. This  is one of the most mysterious … [Click to read more]