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3 Ways You Can be Successful

How to be successful

You become a better person when you realize that success is never owned, it is only rented, and the rent is due every day; if you stand still you go backwards.

We often convince ourselves that if we reach a certain stage, then we can officially be designated as “successful” forever. It doesn’t work that way. While the saying “no one remembers who came in second” is true, it’s also true that after enough time, no one remembers who came in first, either.

For example, can you name the last five winners of the Academy Awards for Best Actor? Or the last five Nobel Peace Prize recipients?

I doubt that most people could answer these questions. These were not runners-up – they were the very best, yet how quickly the world forgets about them. Competitions are truly not about whether you win or lose, but about the person you become in the process.

Tip #1: Learn to be constructively social

It’s not true that successful people are naturally sociable. What is true is that they understand the importance of communication with others. Successful people therefore practice constructive social interaction.

In addition, these people understand the critical value of time. They don’t waste time in social situations that will bring them down. Instead, they invest their time in people they can help and in people who can help them.

Tip #2: Take care of yourself

Success in life begins in the mind and then the body. A person who wishes to succeed in life must take care of his or her mind and body. Successful people eat right, sleep well and stay fit.

Tip #3: Be a servant

Truly successful people are primarily givers and not takers. They make decisions and cultivate habits designed to bring value to others. They are servants.

Any resolution that you make today must again be made tomorrow. Self-discipline requires people to make sacrifices in the short term for payoffs in the long term. If I can attribute my success to one element, it is discipline and getting myself to do things I don’t feel like doing.

Success is never owned, it is only rented, and the rent is due every day. Success is “all about the climb.”

What have you done lately that required discipline and brought you rewards? What is the HARD thing you need to do today to make your life BETTER in the future? 

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