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Why 68% of Your Clients Never Buy Again – And How to Fix it

Why 68% of Your Clients Never Buy Again - And How to Fix it

One of the biggest differences between average salespeople (or any business owner for that matter) and the great ones is their ability to effectively and efficiently deal with client’s concerns. Too few people invest time to properly confront resistance. Buyers need to feel absolutely confident … [Click to read more]

How to Stop Wasting Your Time, Even if You’ve Tried It All!

How to Stop Wasting Your Time, Even if You’ve Tried Everything!

Do you feel that you waste a lot of time? If yes, you’re not alone. Figuring out what you really should be spending your time on is a lot of work. There is a number of ways to keep your yourself on-track. To get you started on running great meetings … [Click to read more]

7 Effective Negotiation Tactics When Buying a Property

7 Little Known Negotiation Tactics When Buying a Property

It makes sense that before you attempt to buy any property, you must do your homework. Those who are relatively new to real estate tend to struggle with negotiations--mostly because they aren't even aware of common strategies. However, if you have … [Click to read more]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Handling Crucial Conversations

The-Do’s-and-Donts-of-Handling-Crucial-Conversations - See more at: http://www.maximsherstobitov.com/wp-admin/post-new.php#sthash.9p00l8yB.dpuf

  Rarely good happens after you hear the words “Can we talk?” or “I need to talk to you about something.”  At that moment, you know you’re about to have a crucial conversation. A book that has really helped me is Crucial Conversations: Tools … [Click to read more]

5 Powerful Tools that will Improve Your Productivity

5 Powerful Tools that will Improve Your Productivity

Technology is great, but only if it helps you to work better. I’d like to share 5 applications that I use and will help you get the most of our your time. I currently use them all daily and I’m excited to share their benefits with you. If there’s a … [Click to read more]

How to Choose Your Website Name: 4 Critical Steps

How to choose your website name 4 simple steps

Your website name is the center of your Internet identity. So what type of things should you take into consideration when choosing the name that will represent you on the Web? You basically have four options: Use your own name. Use a company … [Click to read more]

6 Secrets That Make People Share

make people share

Why do some YouTube videos go viral? What makes people share your stories? Why are some products talked about more than others? Creating something that goes viral cannot be guaranteed but as Jonah Berger points out, you can definitely improve your … [Click to read more]

5 Reasons to Get Personal Insurance

Health Insurance, Disability Insurance, Life Insurance

Fiona's story "If I didn’t have personal insurance, I wouldn’t have been able to walk up the aisle on my wedding day" Just two months before her wedding, Fiona (24), was diagnosed with a cyst inside her hip joint which fractured the bone, leaving … [Click to read more]

3 Ways You Can be Successful

How to be successful

You become a better person when you realize that success is never owned, it is only rented, and the rent is due every day; if you stand still you go backwards. We often convince ourselves that if we reach a certain stage, then we can officially be … [Click to read more]